Our interconnected world

At Equinix, we believe in the power of interconnection. Just as PCs, networking gear and web apps revolutionised previous digital eras, innovations in connectivity are fostering new forms of interaction and interconnection is this era's game-changer.

Interconnecting the enterprise

The interconnected era presents us with amazing opportunities and complex challenges. In today’s workplace, your customers, employees and partners are dispersed over more geographical locations, processing more data, using a multitude of devices and expecting more than ever.

Equinix enables the interconnected enterprise to directly connect its employees, partners and customers to what they need, in the right context and using the devices, channels and services they prefer wherever they may be. The result: extraordinary experiences for your customers, high engagement for your employees, top value for your shareholders and exponential growth for your business.



Where Opportunity Connects

When you choose Equinix, you are choosing the interconnection leader, strategically positioned with the world's most connected data centres, bringing together market leaders and innovators on a single, global interconnection platform, accelerating business performance and fostering endless opportunities.

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Unmatched global data centres

With 150 data centres in 41 markets on five continents, we're everywhere you need to be.

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Leading interconnection solutions

We enable more than 230,000+ connections between our customers, making us the world's leading global interconnection platform.

Equinix Business Ecosystems

Vibrant business ecosystems

8,000+ customers converge within Equinix, putting you within reach of the partners and customers you need to speed growth and uncover opportunity.

Equinix proven expertise

Consistently proven expertise

The Equinix name isn't trusted just because of our longevity, it's trusted because of our proven performance and unmatched experience.

Ready to connect?

We'll work with you to develop data centre solutions that adapt to the ever-growing, ever-changing requirements of your business.

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