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Equinix Professional Services offers practical guidance and proven solutions to help you optimise and future-proof your data centre architecture. Our Professional Services experts have decades of specialised data centre expertise and hands-on experience in assessing, enabling, migrating, optimising, planning, designing, testing and deploying IT infrastructure, networks and cloud architectures. We'll work with you to develop data centre solutions that adapt to the ever-growing, ever-changing requirements of your business.

Equinix cloud consulting services

Equinix Professional Services for Cloud (EPS Cloud)

The hybrid cloud, a powerful combination of public and private clouds, has revolutionised the way enterprises do business. It enables partners, employees and customers to realise an unparalleled user experience, new business models and substantially enhanced productivity. Yet the path to the hybrid cloud can be a confusing and stressful one, with an endless variety of vendors promising an endless number of migration solutions. Which one is right for your company’s unique requirements? That’s where EPS Cloud comes in.

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Network transformation via Performance Hub

Equinix Professional Services will help you create a data centre strategy to achieve transformative levels of IT flexibility, efficiency, and cost control. One of our top solutions is Equinix Performance Hub™, an easy, affordable, low-risk way to upgrade and future-proof your data centre. Unlike the legacy model for data centre computing, in which servers in isolated corporate facilities transmit data over limited network lines, an Equinix Performance Hub places a company’s servers near large user populations in data centres connected to many networks and clouds.

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Solution Validation Centres™

Businesses often face unforeseen risks when incorporating distributed architectures, cloud computing, big data and other new methods and technologies into their enterprise IT infrastructure. Equinix Solution Validation Centres are state-of-the-art technology proving grounds where you can test and validate your data centre designs to reduce risks in production-scale deployment and maximise your return on investment. No other data centre services provider enables you to preview and validate the performance of your enterprise data centre and IT infrastructure plans with as much granularity and accuracy as Equinix.

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Global solutions architects

Moving into the next era of enterprise IT with limited resources? Turn to technology and industry professionals that can help you expand your resources to make the right strategic technology decisions for your business. All of our global solutions architects are technical experts with more than 20 years of hands-on experience in their respective fields. They’ll work with you to define requirements and objectives and develop a comprehensive set of planning, test/validation, migration and deployment strategies to maximise the return on your data centre investments.

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