Thank you for Sharing your Feedback

Our goal is to make your experience better with each interaction and we appreciate your help by giving us valuable feedback. Your response to this survey, along with the customer feedback we receive from other channels, helps us identify opportunities to improve.

Here are some areas we’re currently focused on to drive a better experience for you:


IBX Access

We introduced a new process to streamline access to our IBX facilities worldwide, to deliver a consistently faster and standardised global experience. We adjusted access processes to accommodate COVID considerations and are rolling out enhanced self-check-in kiosks where appointments are required.


We are improving our internal processes to ensure your statements are accurate and easier to understand. We're also making enhancements in the Equinix Customer Portal so that orders are easier to see and track.

Incident Notifications

We are improving our messaging and cadence for notifying you of scheduled network maintenance, clarifying what to expect and how to react to minimise impact to your business. We introduced account based IBX incident notifications for more targeted communications along with customer notifications for health, safety and environmental incidents.


We are investing in your end-to-end digital user experience within the Equinix Customer Portal, offering more features and making it easier to use.

Smart Hands

We are simplifying how you order Smart Hands services and adjusting our processes to improve service delivery.

Case Management

We are working to improve our customer enquiry process with new software and training for our customer-facing teams. This will provide more visibility to our teams and to you on the status of your query and enable a more efficient and consistent resolution to your issue or request.