Sao Paulo data centres

Why choose Sao Paulo data centres?

Our Sao Paulo data centres are the perfect location for companies looking to connect with a rich ecosystem of more than 1,000 customers, partners, content providers, NSPs and ISPs in Brazil’s largest market. Customers in Sao Paulo can also access Microsoft Azure Express Route via Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric™ and AWS Direct Connect.

Certifications and Standards

Our data centres are certified to meet rigorous environmental and energy management standards.

Visit our Certifications page for a list of data-centre-specific certifications.

Worldwide Network Interconnection with Platform Equinix®

Expertly Managed Services

Our Sao Paulo data centres offer exclusive access to Equinix Managed Services – with qualified infrastructure professionals to manage your environment

Vendor-Agnostic Provider

Compete anywhere digital business leads with the only carrier-neutral provider with 2 interconnected sites

Low-Latency Connectivity

Our Sao Paulo data centers provide the lowest latency connectivity to the Bovespa stock exchange

Access Vibrant Ecosystems

Connect to communities within Equinix that accelerate and amplify internal value creation for your business, including financial enterprises, content and digital media services, global networks and cloud service providers.

Trusted Partners