IBXflex® Space

Non-cage space designed to support critical 24-hour operations and/or provide functional storage space.


Designed for both office and storage needs, IBXflex Space offers security, power, cooling and interconnection. 


Complete Functionality and Comfort

Utilise amenities such as conference rooms, bathrooms, kitchenettes, break rooms and faxing and copying services.

State-of-the-Art Safety and Security

Biometric hand reader and solid doors with pin-proxy card, along with fire suppression and smoke detection systems in every unit.

Ample Storage Space

  • Stage and store equipment and replacement parts
  • Single-occupant storage space: 50x125 feet2 (15x38 meters2)
  • Shared storage space: 3.6x4x5 feet2 (1.09x1.2x1.5 meters2) (Silicon Valley 1 and Silicon Valley 3 data centres only)

Superior design, open 24/7

Take advantage of mission-critical, 24-hour operation centres with fluorescent, parabolic lighting, acoustically protected ceilings and walls and shared HVAC system for units and hallways.


  • 24-port termination panel
  • Shared cable tray access
  • Controllable variable air volume unit with thermostat
  • Carpet flooring
  • Generator-only power with duplex and/or quadplex outlets
  • Adjustable quantity of power circuits and outlets (additional charge)