Business is Moving to the Edge

In the digital economy, business competes at the digital edge – wherever physical and virtual worlds come together


Anywhere, at Any Time

Converging trends in cloud, digital collaboration, mobility and the Internet of Things (IoT) mean that today, the digital edge can be anywhere, at any time.

Problems arise when companies are challenged by a siloed approach to IT that doesn’t adequately support digital interactivity in all locations.

Persistent end-user performance issues, security concerns, unplanned IT costs and diminishing returns are all signs that IT architecture is struggling to keep pace with business at the edge.

To succeed, you need an approach to IT that is globally dispersed, agile and dynamic – one that seamlessly, efficiently and securely integrates all your people, locations, clouds and data at the digital edge—in near real time.

IDC projects that more data-driven and analytically oriented organisations that transform at the digital edge and the digital multi-cloud core will achieve $2 trillion in extra benefits in the form of increased revenue, lower costs and improved productivity over the next five years.

IDC—Rethinking Datacenter and Traditional Edge IT with Interconnection


Interconnection Brings Everything Together

Next generation architectures built around direct interconnection make integrating all your digital touch points possible when you create digital business platforms at strategic edge locations.

This interconnection-oriented approach is what supports new engagement capabilities driving rapid innovation and disruption today.

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