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If you don't deliver a fast, reliable and high-performing experience, it's nearly inevitable that your customers will become frustrated and disengage before making in-app purchases, affecting your customer retention and revenue. Therefore, low latency is critical to delivering gaming content rapidly while remaining cost-effective.


Up the performance of cloud and hosted gaming services.

Platform Equinix™ data centres and Equinix Performance Hub™ will lower your latency so you can reach the world’s top markets in less than 10 milliseconds and significantly improve your content and application acceleration and gamers' quality of experience (QoE). Equinix Performance Hub deployments place your online gaming servers in global data centres near large user populations and enable interconnection to 1,600+ networks and 2,500+ cloud services.

Close proximity and access to business partners

The success of your gaming business not only depends on the quality of your games, but also on how fast you can test, trial and launch new games. It is critical for you to leverage various monetisation options efficiently while scaling your ability to meet the demands of a growing global marketplace. All of this requires close proximity and access to a wide variety of partners, content delivery networks (CDNs), ad companies and cloud services.

Equinix enables you to connect to the partners, content delivery networks (CDNs), networks and cloud service providers that are key to scaling and delivering a high performance gaming experience to your customers - all within the same data centre. Equinix can ensure the best path between the gaming content and end user, enabling gaming services to deliver games to any device with minimal lag time.

In addition, Equinix Ad-IX™ gives you the ability to optimise your online ad delivery by giving you direct access to ad exchanges, demand side platforms (DSPs), data aggregators and all other parties involved in the ad bidding process.


Reliability and operational excellence

To ensure a world-class, non-stop gaming experience, you need to provide a reliable and secure online gaming infrastructure. Replicated Equinix Performance Hub deployments and diverse networks within distributed Equinix IBX® data centres provide world-class reliability and operational excellence to keep games going without interruption. Our data centres deliver >99.99999% (on average) global uptime and physical security, and Equinix Cloud Exchange™ enables you to access cloud-based storage/archiving services for backup and disaster recovery.

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