Fibre Connect

Access a rich ecosystem with dark fiber benefits

Fiber Connect provides dark fiber links between customers and partners in multiple Equinix International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data centres. Fiber Connect enables fast, convenient and affordable integration with partners, customers and service providers across the global Equinix digital ecosystem. It supports highly reliable, extremely low-latency communication, system integration and data exchange.


Standard and Extended Connections

Standard Equinix Fibre Connect links a customer’s cabinet in an IBX to another cabinet in a different IBX in the same metro. Extended Equinix Fibre Connect links a customer’s cabinet in an IBX to a third-party Meet Me Room (MMR) in the same metro.

Direct Ecosystem Access

Fibre Connect delivers direct access to a vibrant digital ecosystem of business partners and service providers. Worldwide, Equinix customers include over 1,600 networks, over 2,750 cloud and IT service providers, over 800 digital content providers and over 9,500 enterprises.

High Performance, Low Cost

Reduce your costs by eliminating the need for local telco loops and expensive dark fiber trenching. Proximity to your partners and customers reduces latency, jitter and failure. It also improves speed and reliability and accelerates provisioning.

Convenient and Immediate Services

Implementing Fibre Connect is fast and easy with direct ordering through the Equinix Customer Portal. No additional contracts are required and installation times can be as short as 24 hours.

Service Availability

Fibre Connect is currently available in Atlanta, Denver, Miami, New York, Silicon Valley and Toronto.