Interconnection Drives Business at the Edge

When you interconnect all the core components of your business inside strategic edge locations—and interconnect all those locations—you create a network of high-performance hubs that drive all types of digital interactions around the world.

Interconnected Hubs Support Performance Across Markets

This network of performance hubs is what gives you game-changing control over IT security, cost and scale—giving you transformative access to all your people, locations, clouds and data at the digital edge.

Interconnection Strategy Guide for Business

Growth in business today depends on the ability to connect to markets via modern digital channels. This business guide shows how to leverage interconnection to create productive digital frameworks which serve local markets around the world, enabling new levels of productivity, growth and innovation.

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What we call 'data centre interconnect fabric,' (allows) dynamic interconnection between enterprise peers, cloud providers, communications providers and a growing marketplace of service providers.

–Gartner: Colocation-based Interconnection is the ‘glue’ for advanced digital business applications

Introducing the Global Interconnection Index

Published by Equinix, the Index is a new global baseline that tracks, measures and forecasts the growth of Interconnection Bandwidth, a key driver of performance in the digital economy.

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Make Interconnection Easy with IOA

Interconnection Oriented Architecture (IOA) is a proven and repeatable approach to IT that supports digital engagement and leverages the power of digital ecosystems, giving you the knowledge and resources you need to develop and architect your company’s digital edge. Get started with a single performance hub—prove out—and build on your success.

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