451 Research - Interconnection 201-Blueprints for the Interconnected Enterprise

This 451 Research roadmap for updating network architecture helps enterprises and vendors to meet the requirements of modern hybrid cloud, multi-cloud and mobile environments.


Equinix should be viewed as more than a colocation or hosting provider, it should be viewed as a platform provider which directly improves business value.

  • Connectivity is critical for modern hybrid cloud and mobile environments.
  • To help enterprises and vendors, this report defines key interconnection terms and services.
  • Interconnection into/within data centres is the focus of this resource for updating network architecture.

Interconnection, in its simplest form, occurs when networks are connected directly between edge routers or switches on each network. The term can be used in various ways – it can mean, for example, the interconnection of two data centres that are geographically distant. . . interconnection can be a key element of enterprise IT strategy, yet the options and approaches are not always clearly understood.

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