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Today, the ability to attract and retain customers, investors and talent is inextricably linked with environmental sustainability and progress. Being sustainable is no longer buried deep in corporate mission statements – improving sustainability is a top priority for most companies.

– IDC InfoBrief, sponsored by Equinix, Data centres and Sustainability Goals, October 2020


IDC - Data Centres and Sustainability Goals – How Efficient and Resilient Data Centres Accelerate Sustainability Progress

Digital transformation has opened vast opportunities to reduce waste and improve efficiency across many industries. Climate change is making communities and businesses increasingly aware of the need to become more sustainable and reverse the current trajectory of pollution, high consumption and waste of natural resources. This IDC InfoBrief explores how modern and technically innovative data centres are at the foundation of a sustainable digital transformation. Find out how data centre providers can play a key role in driving sustainability progress.


Organisations are harnessing technology to drive greater efficiency and uncover ways to use natural resources sustainably
89% of organisations say they prefer to do business with a partner that shares similar sustainability goals
Advanced technologies such as AI-driven climate control, liquid cooling and fuel cells are helping to innovate data centres
Data centre providers can help support expansion to edge while ensuring efficient operation

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