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Edge computing is the epitome of infrastructure-led disruption because it enables many new business outcomes. I&O leaders need to get in front of this trend, accelerating the enterprise’s efficient adoption of a growing range of edge computing use cases for the enterprise to be competitive.

-Gartner Research report, “Why and How I&O Should Lead Edge Computing, Thomas Bittman, 28 February 2020”


Gartner - Why and How I&O Should Lead Edge Computing

Growing data from IoT and the need for quicker decisions are making edge computing an important new trend. Many enterprises haven’t started using edge computing yet, but it will grow quickly over the next three years, according to this Gartner Research report.

“Data analysis and enabling real-time interactions at the edge will affect all aspects of an enterprise – customers, employees, partners, plants, stores, equipment and products”, according to Gartner’s view. This report outlines the best strategies to build edge computing architecture for the information and operations (I&O) leaders managing cloud and edge infrastructure.


Create an “edge centre of excellence” (ECOE) team – spanning I&O, security experts, application developers, data scientists and business unit leaders – that can help start and perhaps manage edge computing projects
Build a framework for edge computing by structuring it around the four edge computing challenges (locations, protection, data and extensibility)
Help accelerate deployments of a wide variety of edge computing use cases over the next few years

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