Gartner Report – Five Key Factors to Prepare Your Wan for Multicloud Connectivity

To meet growing demand for multiple public cloud services, enterprises must shift away from an ad hoc approach of incrementally connecting to one cloud provider after another. For a more strategic approach, I&O leaders must weigh their cloud connectivity decision against five critical criteria.


  • Uncover the best balance between performance and cost by assessing cloud WAN connectivity offerings
  • Connect to many cloud providers by using purpose-built WAN connectivity solutions
  • Optimize performance and cost for widely disparate use-case requirements by adopting a hybrid approach

Per Gartner report, Enterprise use of multiple cloud providers (multicloud) is now commonplace; according to a 2018 McAfee report, 60% of enterprises now use 21 or more public cloud services. And, as enterprises add cloud services, I&O leaders find a growing need to interconnect them (e.g. linking a customer database housed in a colocation center with a new SaaS-based outbound CRM tool).

Lisa Pierce, VP Analyst, Networking & Communications

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Preparing your Wan for Multicloud Connectivity | Equinix Analyst Report