Equinix Metro Connect

Equinix Metro Connect™ provides highly reliable network connectivity across multiple IBX® data centres in a metropolitan area, giving you direct access to more than 1,100+ networks and 6,250+ enterprises as well as cloud, digital content and financial companies.


A full suite of options

Equinix offers both dedicated Layer 1 and switch-based Layer 2 services. The interface and speed options range from 100M FastE up to 10GigE—both active and passive solutions.

All Metro Connect service types include an end-to-end connection inclusive of a cross connect at the customer demarcation in our IBX data centres (typically the customer cage fibre distribution panel). It also includes media converters where necessary.

Interface and speed options:

  • 100M - FastE electrical hand off
  • 1000M - GigE optical single-mode fibre
  • 10000M - 10GigE optical multi-mode or single-mode fibre
  • 10000M - 10GigE optical multi-mode or single-mode fibre channelised ITU Grid C.Band

Connectivity and hardware sections may vary by IBX location.

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