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Solutions to Become Digital Ready

Our global platform for digital business offers solutions spanning a wide range of industries to help enterprises and service providers achieve success in the digital economy.

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Get Digital Ready with IOA™

See how these four IT transformational steps enable success in the digital economy.

Remove the Distance

Build exchange points in proximity to customers, employees, partners and clouds to reduce networking costs by over 60% and latency by at least 30%.

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Unlock Cloud at the Edge

Establish a set of IT infrastructure hubs to create a distributed regional core by directly connecting multiple clouds to your private infrastructure in strategic locations to reduce multicloud connectivity costs.

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Control Your Risk

Deploy and connect security controls next to users and clouds, and leverage private exchange for business traffic to extend your distributed security perimeter and gain end to end transparency.

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Transform the Experience

Establish your edge advantage by scaling data exchange and integrating edge computing to meet the needs for latency-sensitive, real-time applications supporting your customers, employees and business processes.

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Solve for key challenges across all industries

See how Platform Equininx® enables enterprises to solve for key challenges across global industries.

Enable Collaboration

Improve global, mobile and user-centric collaboration workload experiences in changing business and technology landscapes.

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Transform Applications

Architect digital edge nodes as multi-cloud, multi-party business integration points that enable inter-networked, API-centric application development.

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Leverage Analytics

Radically elevate the value of analytic workloads for mobile applications and the engines required to support them by placing analytic processing capabilities at the edge.

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Build Ecosystems

Respond to business pressures by programmatically discovering value-enhancing regional services while complying with regional mandates in real time.

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Differentiate Your Business Value

With Platform Equinix®, bring together and interconnect the foundational infrastructure that powers your success on our trusted global platform.

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